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What We Need From You

Things to know if you will placing an order with us
If you hire to produce your custom insert, here is a list of what we need from you to expidite production.

  1. Tell us the spot(s) you'd like to license. Be aware that some spots have alternate versions that offer either longer or shorter tag lengths, and some have 30- or 15-second versions. Be sure to tell us what version(s) you'd like to use.

  2. Send us your complete script. If we are to write the copy for you, send us specific details of your offer (i.e., price points, disclaimers, car models, stock numbers, dealer-specific slogans, etc.). If we are to supply the voice talent, give us direction as to how the script should be read (i.e., up-tempo, fast energy, etc.), and if you desire a male or female voice.

  3. If you are supplying the voice track, send a clean audio file (i.e., not mixed with any sound effects or music beds). Only MP3, WAV, and AIF files are acceptable. Be mindful of the allotted time for your insert. Each commercial has the insert lengths written below the thumbnails. Contact us if you have further questions.

  4. If you require a specific song, sound effects, or other sound elements, send them to us as individual sound files. We can only accept the following file formats: MP3, WAV, and AIF. As with any supplied sound, they should be provided in the highest quality possible.

  5. If you are sending us video elements for your customization (i.e., pre-produced commercials we may be tagging for you, establishing shots, voice-on-camera, or anything else shot by you), we can only accept such material on Betacam SP, miniDV, DVCAM, or DVCPRO tapes.

    If you are sending us digital files, we can only use Quicktimes compressed with the H.264, ProRes, or Photo-JPEG codecs or AVIs with the DV codec. Include the audio where necessary. Do not send uncompressed files. Acceptable resolutions for these digital files are 720x480 for standard definition projects, and 1920x1080 or 1280x720 for high-definition projects, all at 29.97fps.

    FTP Access
    We do not provide an FTP server for you to place files, but we can download any digital assets from your FTP server. If you do not have your own server, you may use free services like WeTransfer or Dropbox. Just send us the link where the files may be downloaded.

  6. If you choose not to incorporate running footage in your customization, please provide appropriately-sized images for use in your commercial. Or, at the very least, provide links to webpages that contain the proper images. If you do decide to use running footage, it is your responsibility to provide the latest running footage from the manufacturer on a suitable tape format if we do not already have the correct footage on-file. Call for details.

  7. If you want to show your dealership in your customization, send us a digital still of your dealership's exterior. The bare-minimum size requirement for any graphic or picture you send us is 640x480, but bigger is better (1280x960 would do nicely). The image can be in the standard JPG file format. Shoot the storefront in landscape mode (horizontal) on a pleasant day, with the sun to the photographer's BACK. (See an exampleThis is a pop-up link. ...) We suggest you send us 3 or 4 different pictures taken at different angles. We will use the one that fits your endpage design the best.

  8. Include any specific details you want on the endpage. (Address? Phone number? Special logos? Co-op requirements? Disclaimers?)

  9. Email us your dealership's logo and any other logos you need used in your commercial. Here is our list of preferred logo formats to send us, in order of preference:

    • EPS* (vector)
    • AI* (vector)
    • PSD (raster)
    • TIF (raster)
    • TGA (raster)
    • JPG (raster)

    As with ANY raster format, the bigger, the better. *If sending us a vector file, please convert all your fonts to outlines, and embed any linked graphics.

    Here is a list of formats we can not use:

    • GIF
    • BMP
    • ANY graphic you simply pull from a website (Afterall, if we did accpet this type, wouldn't we just do that ourselves?)

Once we've completed your custom order, we will provide you with a video file for you to approve before we send the final master. It is your responsibility to ensure all elements meet any brand requirements. This includes checking the disclaimers, dealership phone numbers, addresses, and any special requirements for co-op approval. Please review the emailed videos carefully. Once you approve your order, we cannot be held responsible if an improper logo or other element was used in your customization project. If you need higher-resolution screen grabs to review any disclaimers, please ask.

While we will do our best to use whatever you may give us, we cannot be held responsible for an unsatistactory end-product if the elements you provide do not meet our basic minimum requirements.

For more information on these requirements, or to inquire about how we can customize your spots for you, please contact us via email or phone at 1-800-860-7966.


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What We Need From You

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